5 foods that make you lose weight

Avoid nibbling, remove sugar, limit high calorie foods …: dietary measures essential to lose weight quickly, whether you want to lose belly or thighs. But to give a boost to your diet, and if you also rely on super-slimming foods? Here are five, to integrate urgently into all your menus!

Number 1: the apple
Why ? Because it is rich in pectin. Appetite suppressant, this particular component, which concentrates in the skin of the fruit, forms indeed a satiating gel once in the stomach. Burns natural fat, this fruit also has the particularity of trapping lipids …

Number 2: The complete rice
Why ? Because unlike white rice, it keto lean force does not raise blood sugar. It does not push your body to make superfluous reservations! Gluten free and high in fiber, whole rice also facilitates digestion and transit.

If it is not the ally of diets without residue, it allows you to better eliminate! Its iron-rich grains are a source of potassium, magnesium and zinc.

Number 3: the lemon
Essential ally of any detox diet and any healthy diet, lemon has only virtues. Detoxifying, diuretic and appetite suppressant, it is consumed from the jump of the bed, freshly pressed in a little lukewarm water to preserve its vitamins. Choose it rather organic in order to benefit from all its virtues slimming and health.

Number 4: watermelon
With less than 30 kcal per 100 grams, watermelon is perhaps the least calorie fruit. It is therefore a very good dessert of summer not to grow! Extremely rich in water, the watermelon also promotes the elimination of excess liquids. It takes you off the weight on the scale, and helps you dislodge unsightly cellulite.

Number 5: the fish
Rich in protein and very low in carbohydrates, fish is a true slimming ally. Not very caloric, it is however very satiating. Thanks to the fish, you are not hungry for chocolate one hour after the meal! If you are not on the vegan diet, do not hesitate to put trout, sardine, hake or mackerel on the menu several times a week.

To lose weight more easily, these five foods can give you a big boost. So remember to redo your shopping list!


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