5 moisturizers that I love

I’ve had dry skin all my life, although I did not really pay much attention to it when I was little. In summer, when I spent all day soaking the humidity in Barcelona, ​​it did not show. and in winter, everything happened.
After adolescence, my skin in winter was derma correct so dry that it peeled and itched. There I started looking for moisturizers that dried quickly and hydrated well.
A lot of years have passed since then, and there are several creams that I have found that work for me. I have tried millions. I love trying creams, shampoos, and discover new textures and smells.
I tell you which are my favorites, which I turn to when I get tired of tests, when I need a cream and I buy without thinking.

Nivea for me is a classic. It’s the cream that my grandmother had, the classic one, the one in the blue box. It was the one that was always at home. I always have Nivea at home, although it is true that I have gone through all the types of cream Nivea has. And of all, my favorite is Nivea Soft. I use it, girls wear it, there is it in all sizes, it’s good for the whole body. Of all, my favorite. Although I have also tried the one that contains olive oil and the truth, is gaining points.


I discovered this cream when Mustela stopped selling in Chile. Mustela has always been my favorite cream for girls, the only one that did not give them an allergy and that calmed their itching when they had dry skin or reddened by a touch or allergy. But when it stopped selling here, bringing it from Spain was a mess so I explored several brands, staying with Eucerin. In fact, both girls and I use both gel and cream.
I like that it dries quickly, has a very mild smell that goes unnoticed and leaves the skin soft.

I discovered this cream when I operated. I was only in the clinic for 24 hours, but I could not get out of bed for many hours, and the friendly nurses would smear me with cream because the air in the uci was very dry. I loved the cream, especially for the duration of the moisturizing function. Also, it has a very discreet smell that is what I like. The girls have also tried it and they like it. It absorbs fairly quickly, and moisturizes like none.

This cream was given to me a little while ago. The girls love it. Just as I like creams with a light smell, what they like most is that they do not smell. And Fisiogel has no smell, but good hydration and takes good care of the skin. When the package was finished, the girls asked for more! And they are the best critics. They say it does not sting, it’s soft and it does not smell.

Finally, I just discovered a new product. A type of product I did not know, a skin moisturer that Jergens gave me. It is used immediately after leaving the shower, without drying. You put a small amount on wet skin and capture moisture. Then you should dry with small touches. It’s amazing how soft your skin is. The smell is super nice, at least this particular one that also has green tea oil. It took me a week to remember to put it on before drying myself, but since then, I have not forgotten!


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