Does white cheese give cellulite?

You like to finish your meal with a white cheese for dessert, but can not see your thighs and buttocks in the mirror? Do not panic: kara keto burn cottage cheese can be consumed without causing cellulite … provided that the latter contains less than 20% fat.

When and why does white cheese give cellulite?
There are several types of cellulite. Whatever affects you, it is important to eliminate certain foods that cause or strengthen it. Fatty and sweet products are among them … including dairy products with a high fat content, which are far from being limited to cheese alone.

This means that a cheese with more than 20% fat may distort your thighs, buttocks and hips, or at least prevent you from eliminating these piles of unsightly fat.

Choosing the right cottage cheese and what goes with it
Choose white cheeses with 0% fat or reduced content. And above all, pay attention to what you add to them!

Refined sugars must of course be avoided at all costs. Choose a natural dessert or accompanied by honey, homemade applesauce …

The other option is to alternate with lean yogurt, or turn to vegetable milk desserts without added sugars or flavors.

It will also help you lose weight, because reducing sugars and fats greatly facilitates weight loss. However, do not overdo sugar substitutes (sweeteners for example) because they are converted into sugar during digestion.

The other benefits of lean white cheese
As part of a slimming diet, the 0% white cheese gives you a quick impression of fullness, while moisturizing you for a long time. It’s also a good way to have a guilt-free dessert while on a diet.

As a source of calcium, cottage cheese is also used in certain lighter preparations (diet or not, for that matter), such as certain sauces, aperitif “dips” or for cooking desserts that are lighter than their original version.

Against the monotony, you can combine your cottage cheese with red fruits that stimulate blood circulation and are anti-oxidants (blackberries, blueberries, currants, grapes, currants …), pineapple in season (without abusing), some prunes for drainage, as well as nuts, almonds or hazelnuts in limited portions.

It is the combination of flavors, nutritional properties and textures that will help you not only lose fat, but also maintain your line or continue to lose weight serenely, and therefore sustainably.


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