How many calories are there in almond paste?

Highly caloric, marzipan, also called marzipan, is a food preparation that can also be enjoyed alone. Rich in carbohydrate, this product is not recommended during a diet because of its large number of calories.

Almond paste: really too many calories during a diet?
For 100 grams of marzipan, you will get nearly 450 kcal. Composed of sugar and egg whites, rich in lipids and vegetable proteins, this ingredient often used in the preparation of cakes is not recommended during pregnancy or diet.

This dough, which can be prepared and eaten raw or cooked, will not be tasted by a vegan person and above all is not ideal as part of a balanced diet.

The virtues of marzipan
In spite of the fact that your feeling of satiety will not be reached, the almond paste organic or not has antioxidant virtues and makes keto go it possible to fill up with calcium. Rich in potassium, vitamin E and phosphorus, this product is healthier if homemade.

To satisfy people allergic to gluten, an almond paste recipe can be made using potato starch instead of eggs.

A light recipe
In terms of nutrition, even if this product is quite caloric, it is possible to design a homemade almond paste, lean and ideal for a diet.

2 teaspoons of sweetener
200 grams of almond powder
20 grams of water
100 grams of icing sugar
a few drops of vanilla extract
With the thermomix, mix the sugar, the almond powder and add the water, the vanilla extract and the sweetener. Before placing this preparation in the refrigerator, form a ball or other shape and wrap it in plastic wrap. Keep the dough cool for 30 minutes before serving or serving as part of a dessert preparation, as for a cake decor.

Easy to make, the marzipan is more tasty and less caloric than the one acquired in the trade. Thus, even if this product is still quite caloric, you can eat a little but not excessively.


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