How to lose 5 pounds in 20 days?

An important opportunity is approaching, but your scale is 5 kilos in excess? Do not panic! It is possible to lose them in 20 days provided you follow a well-defined slimming program.

Some changes in your diet will be total tone diet enough to lose weight quickly while having fun. Follow the guide and see the results!

Some changes in the diet to slim down
Although not everyone is in the same boat, the nutritional rule is that to lose a kilo, you must create a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories.

To lose 5 kg in 20 days, you would have to eliminate 17,500 calories altogether, either by reducing the consumption of food, or by exercising to burn calories or by combining the two.

This seems a huge amount, but it will be enough to take into account some parameters to succeed in losing weight. To begin, examine your food and beverage choices and eliminate empty calories, those that do not contribute anything to nutrition.

Sugary foods and drinks will naturally fall by the wayside. For example, if you remove your two daily glasses of soda from your diet, you will have already eliminated 6,200 calories at the end of the 20 days, without even making any other changes. In theory you will have lost almost 1.5 pounds of weight. Replace the soda with plain water or carbonated mineral water without sugar.

Ready foods are also to be removed. The hamburger fries is a classic. Just by removing the portion of fries, you will eliminate 497 calories. If you eat fries three times a week, you will have lost nearly 3,000 calories in 20 days.

With these two small changes, you’ve already lost 9000 calories, almost 2 kilograms. Think of other high-calorie foods that you can eliminate or limit. How many times a month do you eat ice cream? A serving of chocolate ice cream contains 371 calories.

Even once a week, it’s 1,100 calories a month that you could have avoided ingesting. With this change, you’ll have eliminated nearly 7,300 calories, nearly half of your goal.

Control portions to lose weight
At the beginning of your weight loss program, learn how to distinguish between the recommended portions and the actual portions. A recommended serving is the recommended amount of a food on which nutrition information is based – such as calories.

On the other hand, a real portion is what you really serve. Needless to say, this one is far from respecting the nutritional recommendations. For example, if you fill your plate with pasta two nights a week, you will probably get up to 2 servings of your pasta, while the correct portion of pasta is only half of what you eat.

Two servings of cooked spaghetti contain about 400 calories, while half a serving represents only 100 kcal. Reducing the actual portion will save about 300 calories per meal, or 1600 calories at the end of the diet – and it does not include calories saved by eating less sauce and cheese.

Complete your efforts with sports
Although reducing caloric intake is essential to successful weight loss, it is also important to exercise. One hour of physical activity per day is recommended. Depending on the weight, you can burn about 400 calories per hour or more by doing brisk walking, aerobics, ice skating, hiking or rollerblading.

You can also do muscle building exercises like gymnastics or weight training exercises like pushups and squats at least three days a week, to burn calories.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, try not to take the car for all your trips to increase daily physical activity. These little things will allow you to lose more weight.

No more frustration at the rendezvous! Losing weight has never been easier. Try and enjoy the results.


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