How to lose belly in 5 weeks?

The belly is that part of the body where we can see the bead faster. Solutions exist to overcome these abdominal fat masses after 5 weeks.

To lose weight of the belly, put ketofit dragons den yourself in sports, eat healthy and balanced and practice massage sessions with essential oil.

Do sports to lose belly
Regular exercise helps to clear stomach bloating. Male or female, young or adult, these exercises are natural and effective ways to locally fight fat deposits.

As an idea of ​​activities, you have jogging. With this endurance discipline, you will gradually decrease abdominal fat and strengthen your muscles.

Swimming is also a beneficial activity in a slimming program. Practiced in the water, this complete exercise targets all the muscles of the body and allows to obtain impressive results. You can also put the rower, this cardiovascular activity is excellent for melt fat. At home at home, do daily abs to strengthen the belly muscles and destock the fat.

The practice of yoga is recommended for a gentle bodybuilding and relaxation. However, it is essential to combine physical exercise and balanced diet to achieve your goals in 5 weeks.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet
Apart from practicing sports activities, observing a healthy and balanced diet is essential. You have to ask yourself what is a healthy diet? Your goal being to reduce your sale in 5 weeks, here is a selection of good foods known to maintain flat stomach:


Watermelon is a fruit composed largely of water. This feature allows it to evacuate excess water in the body. It contains few calories and its fiber content quickly promotes the feeling of satiety.

Fresh grapes

Even though the calorie content of fresh grapes is a little high 70 kcal / 100 grams, this popular fruit is a natural laxative, making it a must for a flat stomach program.


Cinnamon is a natural compound used a lot in diets because of its many properties. It has the property of decreasing the blood sugar level and reducing the lipid level.

The yerba maté

A plant from South America, it helps balance the metabolism and facilitate weight loss. The yerba maté is prepared in infusion.

Dried prunes

Dried prunes are excellent appetite suppressants, they help to increase the feeling of satiety. They are also known to regulate digestion.
Ginger and vinegar are also among the best flat belly foods.

Massage your belly with essential oil
To reduce the belly and boost your goals in 5 weeks, essential oil massage is a complementary solution. The active compounds of these plant extracts have several virtues, especially at the subcutaneous level.

The massage with essential oils promotes the destocking of fat under the skin and the decongestion of cellulite. This practice also helps to slow down the accumulation of new fats and to evacuate water retention.

In general, the oils recommended for flat stomach and digestion are: peppermint, basil, lemon etc. But beware ! These oils must be mixed with a vegetable oil before being used on the skin.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not allowed to use essential oils.


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