Summer is approaching and as every dxn code strike year you want to build up quickly? You have certainly started to lose some unsightly pounds but now you want to have a homogeneous and aesthetic body. You only have a few weeks left to show you your beautiful chocolate bars on the beaches, so take advantage of this time to take your shape in hand. Here is a program of 4 fitness exercises to sculpt your body, concocted by Eva, our coach. It will allow you to strengthen your muscles and burn as much fat in a short time. For visible results, train at least twice a week, ideally for 4 or 5 weeks.

To follow this program, you will need a kettlebell and a Domyos Strap Training.

Before you start, do not forget to bring a bottle of water and especially to warm up!

The right warm up

5 minutes of jogging outside or on treadmills

12 squats: standing, back straight, feet shoulder width. Inhale and then bend your legs keeping your trunk as straight as possible. During movement, your legs should not exceed the perpendicular between the kitchens and calves. Exhale to return to the initial position, pushing up, pressing the heel. Remember to contract your abdominals by tucking your stomach for the duration of the exercise. Look far ahead to keep your balance.

30 seconds of front sheathing: resting on the forearms and toes, raise the pelvis to obtain an aligned leg / pelvis / trunk segment. Tighten the buttocks and tuck your belly in order to place your back, then hold the position. Breathe slowly and deeply.

Muscles solicited: abdominals (right and oblique), square of the loins.

Execution: stand in profile, resting on dxn code strike reviews the forearm and feet. Align your body to the maximum and lift your pelvis. Form a 90 ° angle between the top of your body and your arm.

Breathing: Breathe normally during exercise.

Safety instructions: make sure to put your shoulder squarely at your elbow and tuck your belly button back to your spine.

Number of repetitions: Hold 30 seconds or more depending on your level.


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