Lemon water, an excellent appetite suppressant?

When looking to control your weight and control your diet, do not hesitate to turn to a lemon water. Why ? Simply because it turns out to be a very good appetite suppressant.

An effective lemon drink. But why?
Lemon has long been a food of choice recognized by nutritionists as part of dieting. This small yellow fruit has natural properties favorable to weight loss.

It contains especially pectin which is under its bark. This complex sugar, of the same type as cellulose, has the property of swelling when it is in contact with water in the stomach.

It has a gelatinous consistency and gives you a sense of satiety.

Lemon also contains citric acid, which helps pectin to work. On the other hand, this acid has the ability to act on blood glucose. Rapid Tone This is defined as the blood sugar level.

The citric acid maintains it at a level that suggests to the body that it does not need to consume glucose and, again, reduces the feeling of hunger.

Finally, water occupies space in the stomach and its volume gives you the impression of having “full belly”. She acts as an appetite suppressant.

How to consume this lemon appetite suppressant?
You are now wondering “but how am I going to prepare this lemon drink”. It is very simple. Choose organic lemons preferably because you will have to use the skin.

Cut half a lemon into slices. You can, if you wish, cut these slices into smaller pieces. Cover them with hot water but not boiling. A cup of 250ml is enough.

Depending on your tastes, you add more or less liquid. Mix this mixture well and crush the lemon pieces to extract the juice.

It is generally advisable to consume this lemony mixture in the morning, at least 15 minutes before breakfast. But it is also consumed throughout the day.

A lemony drink, little more than an effective appetite suppressant
Lemon has many other positive effects and is a favorite food item when you pay attention to your weight. First of all, its fresh aroma perfumes and makes it easier to drink an aqueous drink with a rather innocuous taste. This citrus also has a detox action.

It will clean the body and stimulate the liver to produce more bile.

Lemon also brings vitamin C to the body. It is necessary, among other things, to slow cell aging and boost immunity. As this vitamin is water soluble, it is found in the lemon drinks you prepare.

Low in calories, lemon has been recognized as one of the mainstays of a slimming diet. In the form of an aqueous drink, he accompanies you throughout the day. So, why not succumb to it?


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