Lose weight with an endocrinologist?

This branch of medicine studies the endocrine glands, their development, their functioning and therefore often their diseases. To consult an endocrinologist is sometimes necessary when one is not able to lose weight, in spite of a dietary food.

What is the endocrinologist’s help?
This support is not necessarily necessary for all overweight people. Most succeed in refining on their own or with a nutritionist.tone fire garcinia However, some people can not lose weight, although they make efforts to reduce their caloric intake or by playing sports. The endocrinologist goes beyond dietetics: he looks for the medical reasons for being overweight.

Several tracks are generally considered. Some drug treatments make you fat: antidepressants, cortisone … The doctor checks if they are involved in case of kilos difficult to dislodge.

Once this possible cause is dismissed, a specific blood test looks for if an endocrine disorder is causing overweight. It is most often hypothyroidism. This is the case when the thyroid gland, located in front of the trachea, does not produce enough hormonal secretions. The body then spends too little energy and does not burn the calories ingested.

The method to regulate the metabolism
If the endocrinologist finds a problem of hyperthyroidism in the light of blood results, a treatment is set up. Synthetic thyroid hormones should be taken in tablet form. A benefit is found quickly: 2 weeks to 1 month after the start of taking thyroid extracts. Sometimes drugs are not essential. A simple intake of iodine via the diet can suffice.

A diet based on seafood, shellfish and crustaceans is prescribed or simple iodized salt. The consultation of an endocrinologist is particularly recommended to people whose BMI (fat mass index) is greater than 30, which corresponds to a hypertrophy of the adipose tissue.

The use of an endocrinologist is also essential in case of diabetes. The specialist will then treat this abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates in the body. In all cases of diabetes, diet and lifestyle are fundamental.

If it is difficult to lose weight with the traditional method (low-calorie diet and physical activity), seeking help from an endocrinologist is helpful. This type of consultation gives good results.


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