Mental health can help you lose weight more effectively

Mental health is not a word that we hear very often in everyday life, although it is usually very present in personal improvement books and the reality is that its constant mention is because it is part of an ancestral practice to heal the body, mind and soul.

This state can be achieved through the testo e force practice of disciplines such as yoga or meditation, which are activities that call for inner calm, allowing a better confrontation with problems of daily life and helping to remove those negative energies to achieve a true balance between the three pillars already mentioned above.

Mental health can help us with any problem we face in life. Those feelings that are normally experienced when an old pain hits through the body can be healed. During everyday life it is very common not to realize what the body stores inside itself until the moment everything comes to the surface. With this, feelings of loneliness, sadness, fear can be released by presenting situations that are not even threatening. A smell in the air, a car that reminds us of our first love or any song, can even easily affect our mood when there is not an adequate balance.

When we achieve mental health, it is much easier to evade the past pains and even the bad habits that surround us daily, such as getting up late, being clueless with people and things around us and even carry a deplorable diet.
Overcoming emotional hunger through mental health
When it comes to food, there are studies that indicate that eating disorders and sudden mood swings are closely related to each other. Fortunately, a large percentage of the population is lucky to suffer these problems, or at least that is what is believed, because the truth is that for many years, perhaps throughout our history as humanity, we have been taught that When something bothers us, either physically or emotionally, it is well to reward ourselves with any food that can cause us great pleasure (foods that are usually considered junk).
And the important question is, instead of eating until the pain disappears, can something else be done?

The more we struggle with the pain stored inside us, the less vulnerable we become to the attacks of anxiety that lead us to comfort ourselves with food. Fighting against it can be as simple as getting to the point of craving a cookie and instead of eating it, take a minute to think about how we really feel. Is this simply due to boredom, that feeling of loneliness or simply the stress of everyday life? Regardless of the reason, once discovered the cause of that whim, we will find it much easier to deal with what many experts call emotional hunger, a topic that we have discussed before.
Yoga to fight the anxiety of eating
One of the things that is suggested very often in training to teach yoga is to commit to a pose of discipline. A small commitment is much easier to do than a whole session.

No matter what it takes you to sit on the mat to start your routine, that’s the key. Before any moment of anxiety that is experienced, have the courage to express it in a different way.

To make this much easier, you can create a fully dedicated space for yoga exclusively, no matter when anxiety strikes. Doing this, however insignificant it may seem, makes the difference between a person with developed mental health and another who is simply not well balanced.

And, it is about mental health that allows us to make a decision based on our truths, contrary to what happens when we have an answer based on our feeling of fear.

To make things even easier is that while we perform a single yoga pose, keep an open mind to listen to our body, as well as what our inner voice says. It may be very difficult during these times for you not to run to the cupboard or the refrigerator in search of that cookie, but in spite of that, do not try to hide those thoughts; just let them be there. When your mind begins to regain the old memories of how a chocolate tastes, try not to think about how you would know now if you try it. Just focus on knowing what is happening and how you feel about it.

Doing all this will allow you to see who you really are. The odds are between eating that cookie or opposing it. What decision will you be able to make?


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