Our opinion on “The Keys of Slimming”

The Key to Slimming (abbreviated CDM) is one of many publications that offer readers a diet program to slim down. This guide max pro 1000 has been and continues to have some success, especially among Internet users.

This is the electronic format that can be downloaded from the site of the author is the most read. In order to give you an expert opinion on this book and the slimming diet it offers, we proceeded like anyone else, by acquiring the e-book and taking advantage of the promotion of the moment.

After reading, we can say that a person who is a little interested in his diet will learn little new things.

However, we can highlight the place given to the practice of physical activity and the proper functioning of the liver. Here is our detailed opinion on The Keys of Slimming.

A simple diet that will help you lose weight
CDM is a book that will help you lose weight. It is obvious and indisputable. Not because it is a revolutionary program to lose weight, but rather because it uses simple methods that are already known to be effective and it addresses the theme of thinning by specifying the fundamental points of this long process.

Therefore, we can qualify this scheme as reliable and serious.

Foods that must be favored to lose weight
We have read in this book healthy and beneficial recommendations for metabolism. We found the main lines of the food pyramid, a chart that was developed by the Health Organization, an international entity that depends on the UN.

To slim down or maintain its ideal weight, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, cereals, starchy foods, wild fish and farm poultry is recommended.

The practice of a compulsory physical activity
Sport is a source of benefits for the body. It helps to relieve stress, it cleans and regenerates the epidermis by the effect of sweat and especially it makes our muscles work. But to activate, our muscles need energy.

As soon as one begins a physical activity, the muscles immediately draw on the energy reserves available. In the book CDM, the author offers to do some fitness exercises every day.

These are simple exercises that you can do at home. You will not need to spend more than 15 minutes a day. Of course, if you like sports, you can practice your favorite activities without limits.

Indeed, as soon as the brain understands that the current activity will be long and regular, then it changes its sources of supply and plunges into fat reserves where it finds energy that lasts a long time.

That’s why we recommend running, swimming or cycling long distances and several times a week for people who want to lose weight.

How long does the program last?
Like all serious slimming diets, the CDM do not pretend to lose you a dozen pounds in a few days. The author, Dr. Charles Livingston, has built a diet that lasts 12 weeks. It should be noted however that before starting the diet, it is necessary to devote 2 complete weeks to the purification of the liver.

Once this vital organ is cleaned, the weight loss will be faster. Before starting this cure, the author invites us to rid our cupboards and our refrigerator of all the harmful foods they contain and it teaches us how to do the shopping.

The book costs 47 euros, but in promotional period, it is proposed 39 euros!

It’s a good deal, because in addition max pro 1000 weight loss to the book to lose weight, we receive two DVDs on liver detox, a physical exercise guide, a guide to set goals and follow them, a list of typical races so that you will not be tempted when you shop at the supermarket, a guide with 120 delicious recipes that do not make you fat.


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