The body balance, an ally for weight loss?

This discipline practiced in gyms accessible to most people is recommended for a more refined and toned silhouette. A variation of yoga, it will help you better manage your diet and complement your slimming program to perfection.

The slimming benefits of body balance
Like yoga, the body balance helps to stretch muscles and gain flexibility. Result, a toned and slender body after a few weeks of practice. If its primary objective is not to burn as many calories as in a conventional fitness class, a session can eliminate up to 350, which is not nothing!

Its benefits are visible in the thighs, gluteal muscles and the abdominal strap because they are the ones that are the most involved. We get muscle and refined smoothly, without violence, and music. Are you a beginner? No problem, the bodybalance is open to all, and no need to have already practiced yoga or other to start.

What “before after” for a bodybalance session
These exercises promote balance, concentration, and sustainably improve stress management. It is certainly a discipline that will make you sweat, but producing a relaxing effect on your body and your mind.

Therefore, during a diet, he can help you relax, manage frustration for example, and regain your self-esteem. The session takes keto go dragons den place in groups, and lasts an hour. It is also a good way to play sports with friends without putting pressure, since it is a soft discipline.

Finally, there are positive effects on all levels. And it’s very encouraging!

The body balance, what is it?
It is a concept developed by Les Mills, a group promoting fitness throughout the world since the 1960s. It includes aspects of yoga, Pilates and tai chi. By merging the positions of these different practices, he proposes a westernized sport adapted to fitness rooms and current needs, all in music.

If you are pregnant, you can practice body balance during your pregnancy after taking the advice of a doctor. Remember to drink a lot of water during and after the exercises and bring a towel with you for better hygiene and comfort on your floor mat.


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