The sophrology to lose weight

The sophrology to lose weight
Weight loss is not just a matter of diet, it is also a matter of mind! Because psychological preparation is just as important in the success of weight loss as the preparation of meals … Several techniques have been developed so as not to crack when watching his line, one of which combines sophrology and diet.

Sophrology, to reconcile well-being with slimming
Relaxation method resulting from several techniques (Japanese zen, yoga …), sophrology is based on exercises contraction / relaxation of the muscles, but also positive visualization: it is above all a work of conscience and spirit that responds for several purposes (managing stress and / or pain, but also preparing for a successful diet, safely accompanying the loss of weight). To lose weight with sophrology, the patient must first become aware of his body, work his breathing and evacuate the body tensions, then mentally visualize positive images before expressing his feelings at the end of the session.

Lose weight: and if it was in the head?
In concrete terms, how can sophrology be reconcilable with a diet? Simply because this discipline accompanies the patient, allowing him to better manage his small cravings, and thus avoiding him to crack down on low-calorie foods (including the inevitable snack due to the restriction of food or the temptation of sweet snacks ). Because stress, the first factor of weight gain, is often at the root of these small compensation cravings. So sophrology is a good match with the diet, since the first can limit these temporary crises of greed, or even not to give in.

Sophrology and diet to regain self-confidence
And if losing weight was not just a question of weight, but also a question of mind? It is for this reason that losing weight with sophrology is ideal: by becoming fully aware of one’s body and learning to accept oneself as one is, this method of relaxation also makes it easier to cope with body changes. The self-esteem is paramount to carry out a weight loss (because a lack of confidence often induces a food compensation), diet and sophrology are therefore made to get along!

Some small relaxation exercises to lose weight
To combine sophrology with a diet at home or in the office, nothing more simple with these two exercises that will help you relax and therefore lose weight:
– to evacuate the stress, to inhale by inflating the belly as much as possible then to exhale very slowly
– to better manage one’s relationship with food: to become aware of the act of eating by imagining unpacking a food that one appreciates, observing it and “feeling it” … in short, by impregnating it ( this exercise would allow to arrive more quickly to satiety)

Lose weight with sophrology is not a sweet utopia, provided you are receptive / receptive to this method but also to show patience. Because it takes time, losing weight to be progressive to be effective.


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