Top 5 restaurants to lose weight!

To make rhymes lose weight with pleasure, nothing like a trip to the restaurant. But once before the card, things get complicated … keto x factor To go out without contravening your slimming diet, which restaurants to choose? From the brasserie to the Japanese restaurant and the vegan restaurant, test our top 5!

First choice: the brewery
Because eating in a brewery without getting fat, in fact, it’s really easy!

Which one chooses?

– As a starter, a salad, of course.
– In flat, you will not be wrong if you opt for a grill. The card offers french fries? Ask for a change of topping, and take green beans.
– For dessert, a fruit salad, tea or coffee, of course unsweetened.

Second choice: Japanese
Because the fish is super light!

Which one chooses?
– As a starter, the unavoidable miso soup.
– In dish, sushi, maki or sashimi: you are spoiled for choice. Skewers of meat (without cheese!) Are also a good option.
– For dessert, a lychee or pineapple salad (unless the fruit is in syrup), tea or coffee.

Third choice: Lebanese
Because traveling without getting fat is possible …

Which one chooses?
– No starter, no main course, no dessert, but an assortment of mezze à la carte. Hummus, taboulé, moussaka, or stuffed vine leaves: rich in vegetables, Lebanese dishes are many to limit calories, without giving anything to taste. Just avoid mezze with frying, such as falafel, and do not abuse bread!

Fourth choice: the vegan restaurant
Because very often, vegan also rhymes with “healthy”, gluten-free cooking and light menus.

Which one chooses?
– As a starter, hot or cold soup.
– In the dish, a vegetable quinoa, accompanied by a little seitan, ancient cereals, lentil pancakes …
– For dessert, a good smoothie with seasonal fruits.

Fifth choice: the seafood restaurant
Because fish is dietary!

Which one chooses?
– As a starter, shrimp (without mayonnaise!).
– In flat, shells, oysters, salmon, whiting …: almost anything is allowed, even a small glass of white. As long as you avoid the cream mussels, and prefer the green salad to the fries as an accompaniment. Also be careful with seafood if you are pregnant: make sure they are cooked!
– For dessert, tea or coffee without sugar.

Diet, go out to dinner without getting frustrated, it’s possible! As long as you choose your restaurant … Bon appétit!


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